Andi Seals - artist / collaborator / teacher / author
           A Crocus in Winter
An artist's journey through love, loss & life thereafter
                  Created by Andi Seals 
                                          book design by Alice Williams 

"A Crocus in Winter is a feast for the eyes! This extraordinary book is an artistic and tender account of a life transition inevitably experienced by every human being - recovery from the loss of a loved one. In here those profound emotions are expressed in beautiful and provocative ways, with humor and wit thrown in when it's needed most. As an accomplished artist, Andi's paintings and prose permit the reader to easily identify with each image and verse. Only through expressing her naturally born creativity was she able to manage the most challenging time in her life, the loss of her adored husband, famous singer and songwriter, Dan Seals. She shares her process to inspire others to seek their own ways of coping with their own loss. A perfect book for anyone who experiences loss, in whatever form it comes.           
"Profound. I couldn't put it down. What a gift you are giving other people. " 
                                        Patricia Couto, Former Director, Nashville Crisis Center
"..this exceptional masterpiece... will keep on giving me valuable insights and lessons."          MaryAnn Varner

"What a glorious labor of love. It is completely wonderful!"
                                          Teresa Chandler

VESSELS: HALF EMPTY OR HALF FULL? Oil painting on canvas 36X24
"...prose and paintings that so lovingly move the heart and fill the soul."
              Sue Ballew St. Clair

oil painting on canvas 36X24